Pictures of our measurement sessions in Germany and Europe


  Geophysical borehole measurement in exploratory groundwater drillings, German KFOR-contingent, ex-Yugoslavia (Prizren/Kosovo). 
   Recording truck with borehole measuring technology in use, location well accessible.
   Measurement with flexible measuring aparatus in difficult areas (shaft building) and non accessible terrain.
   Drill Log (drill hole direction and inclination) in a groundwater pilot drilling hole of small calibre, crystalline basement (granite/gneiss), Fichtelgebirge/Germany.
   Recording truck in use at the purpose of well construction (pilot drilling hole of large calibre), Triassic.
   Geophysical borehole measurement for inspection of groundwater monitoring wells on an ex gas works area.
   Measurement at the construction of groundwater monitoring well on contaminated industrial area as part of groundwater remediation.
   Example for expert installation of an underwater-pump with 2" protective pipe (PVC filter) for the purpose of damage prevention in small well calibre. 
   Examples for use of "Packerscheiben-Flowmeter" for controlling old wells before and after regeneration.
   Measurement to characterize the hydrogeological and hydrodynamical conditions in a pilot drilling hole for an earth´s natural heat project, Nürnberg, Keuper of Franconian.
   Measurement at drilling for groundwater exploratory with static and dynamic measuring methods and specific Tracer-Fluid-Logging to fix well support (Keuper).
   Controlling measurement in closed down well in case of missing data to create draft for remediation.
   Preparation for measurement of temperature/conductivity profiles in a gravel pit lake.