Most important areas of application in solid rock and granular soil are: 

Applied geology, geotechnique und raw resource exploration

  • In prospect drillings and exploration boreholes for the documentation of the drilled soil profile (lithologic and stratigraphic) and for determination of the material and mineralogical composition as well as for the assessment of subsurface structures, joints and faults to correlate the geologic profiles.  

Hydrogelogy and water supply

  • In boreholes for exploration, development and recovery of groundwater (as wel as thermal and mineral water) and to determinate the well support for the discharge well.
  • In allready supported wells and groundwater monitoring wells for the recertification (perpetuation of evidence) and for inspection of conditions with determination of the zones of preferred influx and discharge.
  • In existing wells for perpetuation of evidence before and after regeneration or in connection with demolition and remediation. 

Environmental geology and development of contaminated site

  • In boreholes for the establishment of groundwater monitoring wells and remediation wells for the perpetuation of evidence and determination of the points of influx or discharge (hydrodynamics) and discrete level sampling (monitoring/material transport).
  • In existing monitoring wells and remediation wells for function control, influx profiling and improvement of the groundwater withdrawal conditions.
  • In groundwater boreholes and wells to support hydrodynamic modelling.