Welcome to FONTUS Logging Service in Pleinfeld in Bavaria, Germany.

Scope of work and capabilities borehole geophysics



Geophysical measurments in wellbores, water wells and ground water inspection points

Fontus offers a wide range of both conventional static as well as dynamic measurement methods and combined measurements for either existing or open boreholes, also for water wells and ground water inspection points in both loose and hard formation in order to solve geological and hydrological, geotechnical or environmental questions.


Expertise in borehole geophysics, geology, hydrogeology, environmental engineering

Fontus has many years of practical experience and specialist knowledge around the subject of borehole geophysics, combined with a wide range of specialist knowledge in geology, hydrology, environmental engineering. This experience enables a result-focused approach to the planning and execution. Also for the evaluation, interpretation, conclusions and presentation of the measurement/evaluation results.


Customer support by personal and individual project Controlling

A strength of Fontus is the focus on personal and individual customer support with practice orientated problem solving approach. Our broad experience enables us to offer advice on the solving of all open questions in this field, in a form understandable by the customer to support complex professional decisions on a short time scale.



Quality management by qualified experienced personnel


Fontus guaranties:
- The use of qualified and experienced staff.
- Working methods in accordance with current best practices and relevant standards.
- Regular quality assurance by the use of measuring equipment that is subjected to a
regular maintenance schedule and calibration procedure.